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Leg Cramps

Posted Sep 12 2008 4:04am 1 Comment
Last night, a woman in class asked for any ideas to help with night time foot and lower leg cramps. Here are a few ideas that got tossed around, and a special thanks to Janet and Sylvia for coming up with some interesting suggestions.

To prevent cramps:
1. Massage the lower legs and feet before going to bed and upon waking in the morning.
2. Eat more potassium.
3. Drink more water.
4. During the day, be sure your toes are relaxed and not gripping.
5. Stand evenly on the 4 corners of the feet (ball mound of big toe, ball mound of baby toe, inner and outer heel)
6. Root through the 4 corners and lift through the arches, especially just in front of the heel.
7. Put a bar of soap (Sylvia says Dove has been used successfully) near your feet in bed at night.

When cramps hit:
1. Tightly squeeze your ear lobes between your fingers.
2. Massage and exhale out the mouth with a sigh. Do not stretch the area.
3. Purse your lips and hold them with your fingers. Pull the lips away from the body. (Looks like a duck mouth, to me.)

Love Much,


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I have had great success in treating leg cramps by applying an over-the-counter product called Active-On to the cramped area.  Also, I have had a remarkable total absense of leg cramps after I started taking Omega 3 supplements.  I have tried potassium, magnesium, etc, etc. etc -- cramps were lessened but did not disappear until I took the Omega 3s.  See my blog on Leg Cramp treatments (Karen Bentley)
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