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Krishna Das : Maharaj-ji

Posted Sep 13 2008 5:42pm

0793018520621" What is to be done will be done @ the proper time. Don't worry. Abide in your heart and surrender your acts to the Divine. " : Maharaj-ji

I first heard Shri Baba Neem Karoli Maharaj-ji's quote from Krishna Das at the 2005 Thanksgiving kirtan at Bala Yoga. It made an immense impression on me as he narrated the story of his travels to India to sit at the foot of this guru - and not receive any direction. It was like asking " What is the meaning of life - " and getting bananas thrown at you instead as a response ( which Maharaj-ji was famous for ).

My first awareness of KD and Maharaj-ji came from attending Govindas's bhakti driven classes @ SMPY. This was back in the day when he was still known as Ira Rosen. He would play tunes from KD and talk about his pilgrimages to Maharaj-ji's ashram in India.

What resonated with me was the notion that chanting to the Divine would aid seekers like myself move inward. It was a great opportunity to attend kirtan with KD last year. Listening to his experiences , feeling his faith and swimming in the ocean of bhakti with the satsanga strengthened my determination to stay on this path. ( Image via )

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