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Jerome Mercier : Bon Anniversaire & Juice Fast : Day 2

Posted Sep 11 2008 11:44am

KombuchaJerome Mercier, like most of my teachers, has excellent taste in music & surfs. However, being a classicist, you will only catch a preview of his play list @ the beginning & end of his classes ala Radio Nova Paris.

Today being his 37th Bday, he marked it by calling out 37 ( 38 counting the final left side ) Virabhadrasana I vinyasa "en Francaise".

As I am on the 2nd day of a juice fast (TAPAS), I was feeling LIGHT, both mentally, spiritually & physically. So light, I woke up @ 5 AM; yup , was able to put in some meditation quality time.Had to take it easy during class though as the sweat was pouring more profusely ( AMA , toxins, etc ) than usual. And a sign that the 21st CE is def the Kali Yuga, several of Jerome's devoted students had set their mobile phones to go off during class with random ring tone variations of Happy Bday; which was funny the 1st couple of times but a yogic challenge after that esp. during balancing asanas.

Props to Virginia for organizing the packed house to celebrate & have chai, bagels & muffins after class. As I mentioned to her on the way out the door,

" Sorry, I'm fasting". Thanks for understanding -

Which brings me to when I was in JogJakarta several years back hanging out @ my friend Evin O's factory during the tail end of RAMADAN, and having to "sympathy fast" with all of them until sundown.

Via modern communication technology, my mentor, Vytas B., blackberry'd the parameters of the 3 day juice fast & I have been able to provide progress reports via CrackBerry as well.

Sante' & merci millefois Jeromeji. I'll toast you with a Kombucha instead of a Kir Royale -

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