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Iyengar Yoga Helps Breast Cancer Survivors

Posted by Lela D.

Wahoo! We all know yoga is the best exercise ever! Right? Well now it's official. The American Physiological Society reported Monday that Iyengar yoga promotes psychological well-being (we knew that!) AND improves the immune system. That's hard science! It has to do with a protein called NF-kB. This is an indication of stress - both physical and mental in the body. When researchers studied breast cancer survivors who practiced yoga for 8 weeks they observed a decrease in this marker! Iyengar yoga is a more rigorous form of yoga and depending on the teacher, can seem stricter than other styles. That said, there are possibly as many ways to practice yoga as there are practitioners. If it decreases stress, it's all good. Find a style that works for you and stick with it!
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