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It starts with you.

Posted May 06 2010 12:00am

No matter what you are doing in your life running a business, staying home with your kids, going to school, traveling the world, working for a corporation…. no matter WHAT, it is an opportunity to wake up.

We crave yoga and meditation because we’ve lost some essential connection with our true nature and why we are here.  We ignore what we know in our bones and compartmentalize:  now, I am practicing yoga now, I am at work now, it’s playtime oh, time for my workout etc.

The truth is, everything in life, every instance of fear, of frustration, of irritation, of sadness, of grief, even happiness, joy, and accomplishment every. single. moment is an invitation from life for you to remember your true nature and step into it.  To become your bright, illuminated self.

Your life IS a spiritual practice.  Investing time and energy in contemplative practices or working with a coach, we are cultivating a curious, open mind and an unshakable connection with our internal wisdom uncovering the diamond of who we are.  When we take that into the world – into our business, into our relationships, into the traffic jam, we begin to change– to more fully embody who we are meant to be in the world.  And as we change and touch lives and let our true nature shine, the world changes with us, in an endless ripple.

It starts with you.

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