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is it possible to do YOGA for .can reduce overfat of the abdomen

Posted by shyeno

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yes it is possible

Abdomonal fat is very dangerous.  If the size of the waist is wider than the rest of the are at extremem risk for heart disease.  There are very specific asanas to help with every disease imaginable and body part.  Therefore, yoga has many abdominal fat burners.  Why? Because a strong abdomonal area is a requirement to achieve many asanas, have good posture, and protect the back. 

Specific poses for the abdominal region that can be easily achieved at the novice level are:

Dandasana Two (staff pose), Ardha Navasana Two (boat pose), Paripuna Navasana, Jathara Parivartanasana Five, and Urdhva Prasarita Padasana One.  You can find all of these poses in the classic "Light on Yoga," by B.K.S. Iyengar.  In addition...on on the asana tab.  It will show you how to do each pose step by step as well.

I have found a few ab workout (for free) on iTunes.  Check out...Yogamazing.  Chaz Rough is the yoga instructer.  Not only are his ab workouts extremely effective...but he is a wonderful yoga teacher period.  This is a great podcast for yoga in general. 

Below is a link to the itunes podcast for Yogamazing.  Do the ab workout.  It works every time.

In addition, you can get the podcasts off of his webite.

The most important thing is that you get moving and sweating.  Sweating does not mean sitting in a hot room doing fake yoga (bikram) and stretching from the cheating heat.  You need to get your heart up.  I suggest doing any type of vinyasa yoga/power yoga.  Sun Salutaions repeated over and over quickly brings up the heart rate.  Then your metabolism will increase, and (if you don't eat garbage) you WILL lose weight.


Hello Vinod,


If you are asking about Yoga (a vast body of wisdom) then there is one answer. If you are asking about the physical practice of asana (postures) which make up about 1/100th of Yoga, then there is a different answer.


Obvious to any student of the practice, Yoga is not a weight loss system. However it can be a tool for human transformation and therefore it can, when properly wielded, move the student toward balance. This means the practice brings you toward your optimum weight - the weight at which YOU function most efficiently and can live joyously. That is different for every human being, despite the fact that it has not been embraced by western society. 


If you are merely looking to reduce excessive fat around the belly then you would need to increase your activity level (of which there are many, many ways to achieve such a thing) and eat in a certain way relative to that level. It is important to note that we are not able to spot-reduce fat. This means that wherever your particular body stores it's fat (most) that will be the last place you lose.

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