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In Search of the Perfect Yoga Pant -- Hard Tail

Posted Mar 05 2008 11:24am 4 Comments

Yes, I take my yoga seriously, but sometimes I like to lighten things up and talk about, say, yoga pants. Often I don't care what I wear when I practice, but when I go to a studio, a workshop, a training, or a conference, I like to wear a nice pair of yoga pants (one that travels well, for example and if it's cold outside, a pair with a little weight to them) appropriate for the occasion. And although this will most likely get me nominated for an episode of TLC's What Not To Wear, I do wear yoga pants around the house and out and about. What can I say -- I like to wear a reminder of my practice. Ah, who am I kidding -- I like to be comfortable.

I've tried all kinds of yoga pants -- from the cheap to the outrageously expensive (my 12-step group will be happy to know that I haven't purchased a pair of Lululemon's in years). I shop the sales and usually get some great deals in the mid-range -- around $40-50. What is it about adding the word "yoga" in front of a piece of clothing that causes the price of the item to catapult in price? Some of my "dressy" pants aren't as expensive as some of the yoga pants prices I've seen out there. Crazy!

Well, I recently got a recommendation that I have to share. I don't really keep up on all of the fashion names so when a friend profusely recommended Hard Tail yoga pants, I couldn't quite place the name. Then I opened up the latest yoga magazine (I'm not sure if it was Yoga Journal or Fit Yoga) and I see a two-page spread advertising Hard Tail. It's a good thing that I saw the ad after I ordered the pants, as it looked like some fashion magazine spread (shudder!).

I've had the pants (I bought two pairs) for a while now and I absolutely love them. The weight of the cotton is just right -- not too heavy and not too light. And they passed the wash test -- they still look great after a few washings. I have to give my friend credit -- she was right, they flatter my booty region. Yep, a little strategically-placed spandex does the trick (which is a nice thing for a yogi like me -- one who isn't practicing "buns of steel" yoga).

Yet I must be honest -- the best part about my Hard Tail yoga pants experience wasn't really the pants, but the online store that I bought them from. One of the things I love about blogging is giving props to deserving people. I only mention the products/people that I have personal experience with and I like to praise the best. Well, Melange is truly the best. I can't say the last time I had such a pleasant online experience. I loved the free shipping and the great deals on Hard Tail yoga pants (10% off your first Hard Tail purchase and a free pair after you buy 10 pairs), but what I really loved was the personal attention and the attention to detail.

I was contacted multiple times by the ever-attentive folks in Melange customer service -- once to give me a status update on my order (which arrived within days) and another to check in to see if I liked my pants. The pants were wrapped so beautifully (complete with a sweet treat and a lovely note, I might add) that I almost didn't want to open them. Of course my excitement over the pants (I wanted to see if my friend was right about them) won out and I carefully untied the ribbon and unfurled the tissue paper. I felt like I was receiving a gift rather than simply opening an order I had placed. I'm happy to say that the price was well worth the quality (and the customer service made me feel as though I had spent thousands of dollars rather than just $100). In my quest to find a worthy yoga pant, I found an amazing online retailer.

So Hard Tail yoga pants get a thumbs-up from this yogi and Melange gets two thumbs-up. They'll definitely be getting repeat business from me. If you're looking for some cool clothes at cool prices (they carry some othe yoga wear brands), then they should get some business from you too.


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The ubiquitous and the slick, fashiony nature of the Hard Tail ads has strangely has the opposite effect on me - I just have a total disinterest in giving these people my money. I'm also not particularly interested in looking good at most of my yoga classes since they are filled with women and rarely are there any decent guys around. The trendier and tighter the yoga pant, the bigger the need for an uncomfortable thong. So I often like to go in looser sweat pants.
It's funny -- I didn't remember seeing the ads (the truth is, I DID see them but I disregarded them as advertising something "not for me") until AFTER I got the pants. When my friend recommended them, I didn't even know the name (so much for their ubiquitous advertising, eh?). You're so funny about the whole thong thing. Do you know that they actually have yoga pants with the thong built in them now???? How's that for torture?
A built-in thong? Ouch. I mean, isn't the whole point of having underwear so you don't have to wash your pants each and every time you use them? I was at a yoga class yesterday at a center that is primarily kundalini so a lot of folks had white pants on. The great thing about kundalini yoga people is that they really don't care about underwear lines. No thongs, just a lot of white pants which cleary showed regular bikini underwear underneath. Funny.
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