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I See Things...

Posted Aug 05 2008 1:20pm
If a fellow isn't thankful for what he's got, he isn't likely to be thankful for what he's going to get.

-Frank A. Clark
I had another (!) birthday last week Thursday and coincidentally (?) had an appointment with my optometrist the same day. Although it didn't sound like an exciting way to spend my birthday, the fact that my eyesight had improved yet again, made me very happy. Two years ago, the eye-doc wasn't impressed, "It happens at your age", he said, "and eventually you'll get cataracts." This year I guess the degree of improvement was a little surprising because he said, "You can see that? Congratulations!"

I still read well (and a lot) without any corrective lens but may "have difficulty removing a splinter". Pffffft. I'm not worried about splinters. I like the fact that my eyes are going along with my generalyoga thought patterns: every year since beginning yoga, my body improves in some way and I have more strength and mobility than I did in my 30's! I've witnessed it, I believe it, and that's the story I tell.

I've been referring mostly to my musculo-skeletal system, but I guess the rest of my body has picked up on it too. What do you say and believe about your body as it ages? How is it responding? It takes more than positive affirmations for something to materialize, it helps to feel it and to believe it. That's why appreciating even the smallest improvement pays off and talking about what works in your body, and in your life, is so much more beneficial than reciting a litany of complaints. It's the difference betweenliving till the endanddying in the end.

My friendly eye-doc said, "Well, I guess you're maturing," and I finished his statement even before it became a sentence: "...and I see things clearly now."

Happy Birthday today to Moku-wai Busch!


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