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I Love Yoga :Yoga Bus

Posted Aug 24 2008 6:38pm

Bus_001 Got this update from Mosi of I Love Yoga Miami as I was settling into the hotel in Houston Wednesday PM :

"Hey the I Love Yoga bus is on the road with the Yoga Health Festival wrapped up. It's rocking Brother MAHA. Yayhhh! "

And via "Live to Love, Love to Live " , is a cool update to accompany the ILY image re the Yoga Bus in Tel Aviv :

"I read a story about a new attempt in Isreal to keep frenzied and stress commuters calm. Now, when you get on some buses in Tel Aviv, you’ll be greeted by a yoga instructor with a microphone. And, while riding on the bus, you’ll be instructed on how to properly breathe and stretch in ways that will relieve stress!

You of course are not required to participate, but the bus has been running for 3 weeks now and most of the passengers choose to do the exercises. Many say they are much more relaxed and ready for their jobs now, when arriving at work. Others say than can rest easier at night.

As I considered this story, it seemed a little silly. But more and more it made great sense. Take a minute to go out in this world and just watch people running around. It is a rat race! We are literally running everywhere we go. There is no leisure time, no relaxation. I think if we were forced to take a few minutes each day and slow it all down, things WOULD be better." OM SHANTI -

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