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I had hip-joint replacement surgery in June of 2008. Is yoga something that I can pursue?

Posted by Taurino F.

I am not familiar with yoga, but I see positions that seem to require a lot of flexibility, demanding movements and a high degree of balance.  Is this something that can be practised safely?
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Hello Taurino.

Hip replacements can be performed in several ways. So the answer would depend on your specific procedure.

However the general answer is that poses which require external rotation in both femurs (thigh bones) should not be done at all after a hip replacement. These are called "open pelvis poses". If you should choose to pursue a yoga practice, and I hope that you will, please unearth a highly skilled, well trained, and therapeutically oriented teacher. Wandering into nearest health club "yoga" class is ill-advised.


Gordon Kaplan

Certified Purna Yoga™ Teacher




I am a physical therapist.  If you had a joint replacment in 2008, there is no need to follow the post operative range of motion limitations.  You can flex and rotate the hip now without concern. 


For more information about hip joint replacments, visit:


Have fun!

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