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How yoga helps to lose weight?

Posted Oct 05 2012 9:26am

With every advancement in the technology and sophistication getting in the machines and tools, the human weight is increasing hand in hand. The comparison made here may seem so abrupt for you. Yes, at first look, it is weird. But then, it has some facts behind it. As the technology is improving, people are getting more and more sedentary and many of you working in the office may not even make a locomotion of half a kilometer in the whole day. Getting up from your workstation and going to the cafeteria or the washroom is what your locomotory organs mean to you today. For the rest of the reasons you have your car parked in the parking of the building where you go through an elevator or lift. This sedentary lifestyle that people follow today is one of the basic reasons why the issues related to weight gain is rising exponentially. So, here comes the need for a weight loss idea. Along with the well known aerobic exercises, a historic but recently erupted idea among men in the west is the yoga exercises.

How yoga helps to lose weight?

Yoga exercises are different from the aerobics that you do to lose weight. As per the general consideration, losing weight depends on the vigorousness of the exercise so that it speeds up your heart beat rate and increases your body metabolism. With a higher metabolic rate, you burn more calories and the stored fats too. Yoga poses do not increase your metabolic rate but yet they provide you strength and posture.

So, a fit body cannot be attained just by yoga exercises. You also need to follow some aerobic exercises that burn calories. Yoga poses tone up your muscles, make you feel healthy, bring mental stability that helps in following the weight loss plans properly. It brings an overall health benefit to your body. Some of the yoga exercises are more strenuous and target some of those areas of your body that store maximum amount of the body fat. You can follow these poses whenever you perform yoga. Poser yoga is another type of the same in which you burn enough calories.

Yoga exercises can be helpful for weight loss if you follow a proper diet as well as a regular exercising routine. If you are a beginner in this field, you should start with simple steps that are meant for the beginners. Doing these poses in a proper way is also essential so that you do not hurt yourself. You can take the help of a yoga teacher if you are not well aware of the proper yoga techniques.

Some yoga poses for weight loss

Yogic Asans

For abdomen: Abdominal lift, cobra pose, child pose, yogic seal pose, wind releasing pose, lying on back pose, spinal twist, etc.

For arms and legs: Swinging lotus pose, dog pose (both face up and face down), hero pose, tree pose, celibacy pose, bridge pose (both face up and face down).

For chest tightening: Hero pose, cobra pose, dog pose (both face up and down), triangle pose, lumbar wheel pose, spinal twist

For thighs and hips: Hero pose, sun salute, wind releasing pose, spinal twist, dog pose (both face up and down), butterfly pose.

Pranayam: This is a breathing exercise. In this you have to inhale as much air as you can. While inhaling, make sure that you fill your abdomen and then your chest. Now, exhale the air out. While exhaling, you have to relax your chest first and then the abdomen.

You can find more information about yoga positions here

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