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How wide should my yoga mat be?

Posted by critdifrnc

I'm a large person and need reasonable width.
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I've actually never had anyone ask this question. 

The mat is an accessory. It is not a necessity. However in the current context most of us use them and it should accommodate your body primarily in the length. Are there mats available in different widths? I am not aware of such a thing. So I don't think you'll have much choice int hat regard.


Gordon Kaplan

Certified Purna Yoga™ Teacher 

I've recently started a blog on yoga mats so, I can answer your question. 

Most mats are about two feet wide by six feet long but you can buy wider and longer.  My biggest issue was comfort as my ankles and knees pushed through my cheap mat to grind on the studio floor.  Most mats are only an eighth of an inch thick but again you can buy thicker and more comfortable mats without compromising on balance.

I must say that I was so horrified when I started to research what yoga mats are made of that I had to ask myself if yoga is bad for your health!  It isn't of course but the cheap PVC mats most of us start off with are definitely seriously damaging the planet and potentially damaging to our health.  The facts really are scary.  I've written a couple of articles on my blog - Buying Yoga Mats - that might be interesting. 

Your mat should be wide enough so your fingers are not coming off the mat during your practice.  To do this, I would meaure how wide your hands are when doing a chaturanga or push up pose. 

With a tape measure.  Lay face first on the floor,  and put your hands on the floor, palms facing down, elbows up and move your hands as close to your shoulders as you can, like you were going to push up off the ground.  Spread your fingers a bit.  The distance between your pinkies is how wide your mat should be.  You can search chaturange or push up pose online to get a visual of what I am talking about. 

"Jade" brand has models that vary in width and length.  Keep in mind these mats are expensive, but you will have a difficult time finding wide budget priced mats. 

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