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How to speed up the classic rush ray whirly in Diablo 3

Posted Jan 21 2013 7:26am
?For the previous polls  buy d3 gold  about what skills should the monks use. The final results is that the traditional dual wield rush ray whirly win. No need Diablo 3 gold to say, we all know that the mainstream of the monks and it’s the play of most players, is still the traditional rush ray whirly.

??The benefit of the rush ray whirly, natural no need to say much. If it’s not good enough, won’t have so many people use. But what about the defect of the rush ray whirly? Of course is the run speed.

??Many people spent several hundred million, billions on compatibility,  found in brush experience, long-range raid is better than rush ray whirly. If can’t fast brush, is really unbearable. Investigate its reason, is because of the traditional dual wield rush ray whirly cannot take skill running speed. Because it is generally believed that, double is not unlimited, which means double on the run way is not realistic. So most people even using storm strikes, and just use it to go a just, and is not used as a main transportation.

??Now, let  Diablo 3 gold  bring the analysis how to solve the dual wield run road problem: in fact dual wield off essence is inevitable, because of the attack rate too fast.

??Then we can get a train of thought, since the quick fall, just let it have enough rest.

??We use the passive side, with fine pool to provide sufficient nutrients to support till the end of the battle, the two dial the blame long between consumption essence problem.
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