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How Should I Prepare for Yoga Teacher Training?

Posted by Stephanie B.

I am taking a four-day yoga teacher training intensive with Shiva Rea in the middle of September. This will be my first "real" yoga teacher training (I have done teacher training for Yoga Trance Dance). I know the basic postures, etc., and I can get through a power yoga class just fine, but I would like to feel confident when I arrive. I know that people of all levels often show up at teacher's trainings...but I'm concerned about being in good yoga shape. I am not naturally flexible in my hamstrings, so a forward bend is a challenge, but I can do a full pigeon and practically fall asleep in the position. I'm trying to do a little yoga every day and three classes per week between now and then. Any other suggestions?
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I'm not an expert but--. I have a ton of friends and associates who are yoga teachers, and I know that the most important thing of all is to develop and maintain a daily yoga practice. This means a minimum of six months in an ongoing yoga class (at least once a week) as opposed to just simply solo study sessions through books or videos. That is because you get direct experience of how a yoga teacher works on an ongoing basis to deepen their own practice. And according to my yogi friends, an hour of moderate yoga every day for six months is vital to preparation since most teacher training courses have you practicing for as many as five hours at a time. I also know that practicing your pranayama techniques is really important, as is making sure you don't overtax your body (i.e., it shouldn't be painful). Good luck!
It's Not a Competition. Rest up and try to eat really well for a few days prior. It's going to take quite a bit out of you. You are where you are and there's not much you can do between now and then to change that. I think the most important thing to prepare is your mind. Go in with an open mind and be teachable. Everyone in the class will be at a totally differnt level. Hard as it is, do your best not to compare yourself to others and you'll be fine.
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