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How I Define Yoga -- An Inner Adventure

Posted Aug 05 2008 5:01pm 2 Comments

I was recently asked by a fellow blogger and adventuring soulto write a post on the topic of yoga. One post? Well, hell, I have a blog devoted to the topic and I get so darned enthusiastic about it I'm better able to write a book on the topic rather than one little post. I must admit that I was a bit stumped over where to start.

You see, the blog for which I'd be posting is all about adventure. I know, I know -- it's not like yoga is an extreme sport or anything. See, I happen to think it's even more exciting. It wasn't until I found yoga that I saw the wisdom in getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. I've been pushing myself ever since -- both on the mat and off -- and what I've learned and experienced has been amazing. Sure, I've done some ziplining, small plan acrobatics, wind surfing, white water rafting, and water skiing -- yet none of those thrills even come close.

Here are my thoughts on yoga -- the inner adventure. A big thanks to Michaelle for giving me the opportunity to wax poetic about my very favorite subject!

And while we're on the topic of adventure and challenging yourself, I'd like to encourage you to check out these inspiring sites. You just might find the push you need to get a little uncomfortable and go on an inner adventure of another kind:

When you start discovering and then challenging yourself on the mat, there's no telling what you'll do off it. Go out there and do something scary, be different (have the courage to be yourself), have an adventure.


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This is really interesting to me, Diane. I feel like I've met a lot of people who've said the same thing about their journey into yoga immersion--that it has offered to them one of the greatest challenges and thrills they have ever experienced. Why do you think that is, for you, personally?

Hi Nirmala!

Great question! I'd say that I was very "up in my head" before I started practicing yoga. My practice helped me get out of my head and into the moment. The more I resided in the moment, the more fearless I became. I started to see how my thoughts were holding me back. I realized that when I let go of them and just lived in the moment, my life went from good to great. And the more I studied and opened myself up to new things, the more I pushed myself to open even more. I'm certainly not saying that I don't close up and/or get scared sometimes. It's just that now I don't let that stop me. It's simply another asana to breathe through.

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