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how do i find excercises to fix my Kyphosis?

Posted by Creativeheart

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Since you are posting this in the yoga section I'll presume you want a yogic reply.

Kyphosis typically refers to a rounding of the thoracic spine or mid to upper back. There are several reasons that the spine can be kyphotic there. And that is not something to get into here in this thread. Suffice it to say it takes years to develop and therefore to work through it one needs patience and dedication as there is no microwave answer.

A skilled yoga teacher who is therapeutically trained can work with students who have kyphosis issues. Over time, the student develops a customized asana practice (postures or poses), a sense of appropriate nutrition, and a dialogue between emotions, mind, and body.

Those three things together make a package that supports the body's own healing mechanisms. If you have interest in this, tell me where you are located and I may be able to direct you to a nearby teacher.



We're in San Rafael, CA. Daugher, 22 has kyphosis
I live on Tacoma Washington and I'm interested getting help for Kyphosis
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