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how do I best deal with aome muscular tenderness in my front and back ribs?

Posted by Ariel Kempf

I have a sore spot in my ribs on right side, right at the bottom of my rim cage, under my brest in the front, and I feel it as the muscle attaches at the back, under my shoulderblade. It feels a little like it catches. WHat is the best way to deal with this.? I am thinking it may be a yoga injury?
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Hello Ariel,


With a description of you and your practice it would be exponentially easier to give a sound answer. I do not know if you are a woman of 30 or 70, if you are very active or sedentary, if you are otherwise healthy or not. Nor do I know if you are doing a "hot" practice twice a day or viniyoga once a month. For a yoga therapist, intake from a client is very important.

The area you describe may point to several things. The most prominent, in my mind, are intercostal muscles which span the rib cage. or the serratus anterior, as it wraps from the front of the first 8-9 ribs around the side body and onto the medial border of the shoulder blade.

If it is muscular then some rest will heal it nicely, presuming you are getting proper sleep and nutrition. You can put something on topically - I use sunbreeze oil but other more common oils that penetrate can also be used. Epsom salt baths would also be a good idea and staying hydrated by drinking water with something in it - a squirt of lemon or lime - would also help.

In your asana practice be mindful of backbends and pranayama. If there is pain then this should be discussed with your teacher immediately. If that person can not supply you with a modification beyond  "don't do it" then it may be time to re-evaluate your choice in teachers.

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