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Hot Yoga that's not Bikram

Posted by ncottrell

Hi, I just recently moved to the SF/Pennisula area and am looking for a good, hot yoga studio (preferably a company that has more that one studio location in the area) that specializes in heated vinyasa flow type yoga. I used to live and San Diego and absolutely loved CorePower Yoga ( Great teachers with a diversity of styles, different class types, robust schedule with many different locations to choose from, awesome contemporary music playing during the sessions, candle-lit classes... I could go on, but I won't! It was just so amazing and really got me into yoga. After going for almost 2 years, I moved and am trying to find the right place. Bikram is great, but it doesn't feel the the same. I know there must be some great places around here. Any suggestions?


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My guess is that your post is more about promoting c0r3p0w3r than it is about finding a studio in Frisco. However if that is off the mark and you're looking for a studio in your area I'd suggest three things; first use the yogaalliance web site's search feature, second, use the google "find nearby" feature, and third, speak with other practitioners in your new neighborhood to get referral. 

Have you tried Urban Flow Studio?

The rooms are not set to a "hot" temperature, but due to the intense flow, it heats up very quickly with your own body heat! Founder Rusty Wells is great!

Have you just tried Googling Hot Yoga in SF? I am sure there must be some answers for you there. If not, try YogaFinder.

 Good luck

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