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High pitch energy

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:47am

I spent last night, or actually most of the day yesterday reorganizing my apartment. My mother came over with a beautiful crystal chandelier, I love it, thanks mom. I also got some things from my beloved grandmother who past away not long ago. New energy from loved once.

Going to bed last night I felt the presence of a high pitch energy and I went into a spin having a real hard time falling asleep. I still woke up before the alarm clock rang at 5 am, I felt as if my mind had been awake all night and the body had been at rest. I do not know what caused this. I will be present with it and just observe. A lot of thoughts rushed through my head; "Will I be able to work all day today" "I need my hours of sleep or I will be sick." Then I though that; "Why am I worried about something that I do not know is going to happen." It might be so, but does it get that way because I anticipate it, creating it?

Morning yoga:

Ujjayi and bandhas - focus and enjoyed for 5 minutes before starting the asanas. Managing these two is an art by itself. I will keep on giving special attention to them since it centers and balances me and are also keys to good control in many asanas as well as many other benefits.

Suryanamaskar A och B. Stronger and more flexible today.

The boat - shaking but I did the 3 lifts I wanted to do.

Shoulderstand, plow and fish - stronger today and more flexible.

This high pitch energy is still here. I invite it, breath it in and observe.

Now of to work.
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