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heavier beat will damage internal components resulting in mobile external battery power

Posted Dec 24 2012 7:42am
Mobile power use should pay attention to what the details Mobile power for its compact design, easy to carry features portable mobile power more and more loved by the majority of electronic consumer. Basically use mobile power consumers do not have to teach a look to know how to use. However, the use of the mobile power needs good care and maintenance, so mobile power longer life. Mobile power consumers in the use of mobile power, over time these will appear one way or another problem, how to care for their own mobile power, need to pay attention to a lot. First, when using the mobile power, you external battery need to pay attention to the USB interface can accept a voltage range. The smartphone mobile power, laptop mobile power different power supply design requirements of a variety of charging voltage is not the same. Buy mobile power to the device to select suitable equipment voltage, while ensuring that the USB connector of the match. Output voltage range is also a need to pay attention to a problem, the device output voltage and mobile power charger output voltage external battery range to be consistent, so as to ensure that the service life of mobile power. In addition, mobile power stored when not in use is also very important and need to put it in a dry, less air humidity environment. Humidity Assembly external battery of external battery mobile power charger battery corrosion. At the same time each month on the mobile power charging and discharging. Do not let the process used to make mobile power hit by a hard object, shockproof, mobile power internal parts are relatively fragile, heavier beat will damage internal components resulting in mobile external battery power, even worse, there will be the risk of explosion. Mobile power use of the process, the temperature environment is also to be considered, overheating will result in the mobile power plastic partial melting, deformation, external battery use problems. Damage electronic circuit boards used in the cold environment. The mobile power purchase options is the most important, and a wide variety of mobile power now, consumers should choose the the mobile power produced by the big brands, mobile power can be appropriate to ask experts to select the appropriate own mobile power equipment. '
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