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Happy Talking, Talking Happy Talk.....

Posted Sep 17 2008 12:00am

Sorry Sesame.....plaguarism I know, but I simply could not resist!! Great idea BTW.

(oops, Can't rotate this!)

Time for a bit of self indulgence and bragging about my child! To follow on from Hammie's post referring to how we, parents of special children, have to be mindful about over-burdening our friends with our concerns. We also have to be careful about doing the proud stage mama thing too often! Something I know I do.

But, hey, this is blogsphere so I can use it as a Bragsphere and brag away to my heart's content!! If anyone gets bored they can move on and no-one's feelings gets hurt. This is one of the reasons I love this so much!

One of the things I enjoy most is how Snuggles makes me laugh!! He is just so funny at times. The things he says. I know that's true of most kids but, sometimes our kids amaze us that little bit more. I think it's because when their speech is delayed etc we tend to believe their comprehension is less than it actually is. Snuggles never ceases to amaze me because of this and his "Asperger" take on the world.

To clarify, Snugs is high functioning and very verbal (believe me!) but there is a bit of a distortion in his speech. He'll go around the houses to get a simple sentence out. He struggles with sentence structure, mixes up ALL his prepositions ( e.g "take your shoes out" instead of "off"). He puts a consonant in front of words that begin with a vowel, e.g. me d-against you. However ice-cream is always ice-cream!!

He distorts words.....he'll say I'm "extracted" instead of "distracted" and "follow the destructions"! All of this is very cute and endearing and sometimes I have to hide the giggles!

It is upsetting though when he's angry and the distortion is much worse. It can be so distorted that I often can't repeat what he's said just after he's said it! What his pals make of it I don't know....doesn't seem to be a biggie though .

Also have to clarify that although speech very delayed the one word he had from early on (and to this day) is Boobs! he uses it and all his other bad words CONSTANTLY! It's fair to say he's a boob-man!

Anyway, here's some titbits...parden the pun! With some distortions....

Boobs: His favourite Simpson's clip is when Homer does his "man-boobs......lady-boobs" bit in front of the mirror! Snuggles does it to perfection.....including the purrrring at the end!

(Sorry, no Homer pics. Should have checked out You Tube 1st!)

Bad Words: Knows quite a few at this stage! The funniest was when he was 6. He had learned most of his bad words from a kid in his special school. This kid had appalling language but is SUCH a cutie...still have such a soft spot for him. Anyone, this one day Snug's came home with his newly acquired baddie for the day...... T bag .
Took me a while to figure out why he was in such trouble for using it in school! Think about it.....!! Get it???! Snug's Dublin version of cockney rhyming- slang me thinks!

Hand Signals: On holidays recently he put up his middle finger and asked what that meant. I explained without using the F word, as I didn't want him to have any more ammunition.
He says..."Oh, I was told it meant I love you". I queried him and it turns out that a friend of a friend told him this. Snuggles told me that this person told him to "axe it to your mum". Hmmmm... sez I.... ahh.... I THINK I know what's going on here.

I'm always concerned that this is how kids could "bully" him (they certainly won't do it by hitting him cos he'll just floor them!!)

So I asked snugs "what did you say?" He replied...wait for it......

"Well, I thought it meant the F word....I told him axe it to your own mum"!!!

There ya go....That's ma Boy!! That's Theory of mind nailed for sure!

The "gay" word: This is the big word in our local school. (Soon to be replaced by "full retard" no doubt....but that's another story.) Snuggles has started using this word, but sure he doesn't know what it means. Or so I so blissfully thought! One day "that" song playing on the radio...."I kissed a girl and I liked it...". I didn't bother switching stations, sure it'll go over his head I thought.
Ya think???

I get this from the back seat...."Eew!....Eew!....that's isgusting (no d)....Eew, she kissed a girl...that's like em, em (lots of struggling over word choices here) their married or...or... their GAY OR SOMETHING!!!

Ok, this is where I stopped the car to pick my jaw up from the floor!!

The Classic: Well it's a classic to me given that kids like Snuggles don't always get turns of phrases, idioms and jokes. Get a load a this.....

Snugs comes over to tell me, and a fellow "displaced" neighbour (S)...
" There's (lots of struggling here)...big house...and kids are.... spoilt rotten!! You know when you hear phrases you use yourself??!! So funny.

Anyway, he expands, they have this and that and a tennis court. Aha, now S and I knew what he's talking about. So S says.." Oh that's so-and-so's house...she has two boys....can't think of their names". Silence while we both think about it. "No, can't remember" she says. And then it comes...the Classic from Snuggles himself...... "Ehhh.... Spoilt and Rotten!"

Well!! We just couldn't stop laughing!! Of course he was chuffed with himself. Kept saying..."Do ya get it, do ya get it"!!!

The little monkey!!!!

I've so enjoyed doing this post!

Gotta run. Next time I'm at my house I'm gonna follow up on all the blogs....promise!
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