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Ha Ha Ha Happy Holidays!

Posted Dec 15 2011 3:13pm

‎"When we travel we often feel renewed and come alive. We think this is because we've gone somewhere new. It's silly isn't it? It's because we're somewhere new and we expect and open ourselves to notice. We recognize the presence of beauty and newness. We go intending to have fun. We allow ourselves to relax. Why do we save up this attentiveness and availability for joy for our vacations? Why not take a vacation today right now wherever you find yourself? Can you discover the beauty and fun, the playfulness and freedom of a holiday right in your own normal every day life? What a gift!" ~Meredith Murphy   [Thanks to Tracy Stalker for this]


I know that for some the holidays are anything but happy. And for others the holiday season means stress, busyness, and a never-ending to do list. Personally, I find the holidays to be a happy -- albeit a little too busy for my tastes -- time. This year, I've been busy with lots of personal changes. Couple that with the holiday buzz and it's a recipe for stress and frazzlement. Since I'd rather be more fa-la-la-la-la than fra-fra-fra-fra frazzled, I'm using my yoga. That means working in pockets of time in which I sit still and focus on my breathing or 10 minutes of extra slow asana. I always find that directing my focus inward -- especially in times when my focus is continually being pulled outside -- helpful.

Today I'd like to bring happy back with a few yoga-inspired goodies that are sure to put a smile on your face, regardless of how you feel about the holidays:

There...feel better?

Namaste! Widgets

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