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Great Coaching Community

Posted Jan 11 2009 5:02pm
Wow! I have been cranking out the articles, especially this one, which is long and tries to address many challenges I as a Western faced during my association with Eastern modes of spiritual practice and as well those I have noticed in my students at the ashram and in life coaching since then. I am staying up entirely too late!

What a great community of coaches I have just met this evening! I attended the Puget Sound Coaches Association meeting at the Flagship REI Store near downtown Seattle. There was a great presentation by Leif Hansen, who is the Community Catalyst for Biznik and he spoke about the features and benefits of the Biznik website for small to medium businesses for networking, a key aspect of growing a small business into a medium sized one, or a medium sized one into a big one. That site if growing by leaps and bounds, and you can see why. It just has all the social networking aspects you could want in it. Many of the coaches at this meeting were members, as is my own coach, who recommended it to me, Deborah.

He also mentioned about how social media on the internet works (Twitter, Facebook, Biznik, etc.) and what it requires from small businesses to build trust these days takes honesty, transparency and a willingness to be vulnerable. Many people there are my age, and aren’t as comfortable being vulnerable in an online sense. It struck me that these principles he outlined sounded very much like intimacy in an interpersonal sense. This was heartening, as I am all for that. Intimacy requires being present, honest and vulnerable to the other. This applies to all interpersonal relationships, not only ones with so-called ‘intimate’ partners. Welcome to Business 3.0!

Also there was Chris from MindBloom, giving a presentation of their forthcoming and inspirational website that uses a graphical metaphor of a tree growing with different leaves on it to allow someone to input and view their lives, set and be accountable to goals, be mindful of gratitude to others and connection with beauty in the form of personal photos and the user’s choice of music. All around a well-thought out and upcoming site. I am volunteering for beta-testing of the site.

Ah, wonderful sleep awaits me...


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