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"Gratefulness enables us to find...

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:43pm

“Gratefulness enables us to find peace in all circumstances by freeing us from resentment. As long as we are merely thankful, we give thanks for what we perceive to be beneficial, yet we retain the lurking fear that something harmful may come our way instead. To be grateful is more. It is our courageous trust that life itself – kind or harsh, happy or sad – is good, if only we receive it as gift. The gift is the opportunity either to fully accept or to change what the moment brings.”


Another fabulous quote from my new favorite website… I really like this because despite my happy, sunny posts, I am still dealing with ongoing pain- which was supposed to be fixed . Perhaps that is why I am adamant about focusing on what is beautiful and good in my life.

I think I am working toward a sense of faith that this, too, is a gift and a blessing for me to fully accept and embrace. Underneath my fear that this may never end, (or that it will continue getting worse and worse) I think I do believe that this is a gift. I have certainly become much gentler with myself and also listen a lot more closely to what my body needs- something I’ve never been very good at. I’m not ready to declare full-on gratitude for my health challenges, but I’m ready to nod my head in acknowledgement that this may, in fact, be a truly transformative time in my life.

And I am very, very grateful that I am beginning to see and feel things differently.

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