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Good DVD's for yoga?

Posted by Lara I.

Does anyone have suggestions for a good DVD for yoga and/or power yoga? I know they can be kind of hit or miss. Suggestions???
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...a big fan of either "power" yoga or of learning a 5,000 year old discipline from a television screen, I am also not one to deter a student from self-discovery no matter what the medium. We all have our path. I have seen and used the power series from Baron Baptiste. I cannot compare it to Peter Sterios or others. I know Shiva Rea has a Trance Dance series that many of my female friends speak highly of. If Judith Lasater has a DVD then I'd lean that way as she is sound in her instruction and vast in her wisdom.
Before I started taking yoga in an actual class setting, I used the TV to learn. I posed along with the teachers on a show called Yoga Zone and thoroughly enjoyed posing along with the amazing Padma on her show, Living Yoga with Padma. She's not really "power" yoga but she's really something. Here's her site:
Great! You can see this free yoga e-course for yoga poses with their physiological benefits, and the deep breathing techniques:
If you are interested in learning yoga you can try Yoga For Life - Instructional DVD featuring Kurt Johnsen . Kurt Johnsen, host of Veria TV's Yoga For Life, has designed a "no excuses" practice to fit every lifestyle. This is real yoga, for real people with real lives. I enjoyed doing yoga with Kurt and got benefited from it.
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