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Good Class = Bad Class = Just Class

Posted Jan 12 2011 1:38pm
  • In general, as the relaxin kicks in, focus on strength in poses rather than using the relaxin to go further in the poses.  
  • 6 inch foot separation in the half moon backbend always, and be gentle as the shape of the spine changes
  • do NOT crank "stomach thighs hips forward" (in any backbending pose)
  • add 6 inch foot separation in any pose at any time if it feels better in the pelvis
  • eagle may start to feel a little scrunchy in the pelvis, if it does, don't go as far with the leg wrap (this pose is contraindicated in some yoga traditions - esp. Iyengar)
  • Head to Knee modification is difficult, so don't forget to focus on the standing leg first
  • Down dog replaces separate leg head to knee, have someone check your form if you have questions
  • Locust Pose - on hands and knees - do not collapse in the belly area as you lift the leg.  Keep the spine relatively parallel to the floor
  • Tailor sit for both sets of rabbit.  Watch Rabbit.  Miss it. :)
  • Don't scrunch anything in last two poses.  This is harder than it seems.
  • Kapalabhati Breathing is contraindicated for pregnancy.  Just do six counts in and six counts out.
  • This is not a total list of modifications by any means!! Check with a qualified teacher.

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