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Getting Started with Yoga or Starting Again

Posted Mar 20 2009 3:02pm

If you're new to yoga or have been practicing a while but would like to mix it up and perhaps look at yoga a new way, this article -- Simply Yoga -- is a great resource.

After practicing yoga for a few years, I started to branch out and attend workshops and conferences to expand my knowledge of yoga in all its forms. It was fun to go to a class and feel like a beginner again. Learning new styles and experiencing new teachers was not only fun, but it deepened my yoga practice. I suppose it encouraged me to define what yoga meant to me. After stumbling across a variety of viewpoints and perspectives on yoga, I was confronted with the reality that I had to choose one for myself.

  • Is your practice feeling stale?
  • Are you feeling like your practice isn't bringing you what you originally hoped it would?
  • Is your practice focused too much on the physical?
  • Are you feeling like you need a change?

If you answered yes to any of these, why not explore a bit? Try a new style of yoga, attend a workshop or a conference, take a class with a different teacher, embark on a formal study of the Yoga Sutras or other definitive yoga text, or perhaps sign up for a teacher training. I find that every time I explore the world of yoga, I learn a little something more. I see things in a new way. I change the way I relate to my practice. You can do the same -- whether you've never practiced yoga before or you've been practicing for years.

Here are some resources to get you started in finding classes/events/workshops in your area:

If you're having trouble finding yoga in your area, check out this blog's Amazon store for a bevvy of books/CDs/DVDs that can help you explore new yoga terrain.

Just remember one thing -- keep it fun and playful when you're exploring. Go easy on yourself as you take beginner missteps and embrace the joy of being a beginner that concentrates more on being rather than knowing.

If you try too hard, you just might end up like the yogi in this delightful little movie.


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