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Free Yoga Online

Posted by Lela D.

My yoga instructor is taking a break until the New Year! Ack! However, before she left she told us about free yoga audio files we could download from iTunes. Turns out that's not all. I found this great article and now I'm om-ing my way through the holidays! It's a much better option for me than buying some DVD and doing the same thing over and over again.

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I'm so excited because I got an MP3 player - is that what you call it? It's an off brand iPod, but I'm thrilled because it's my first! I'm a late adopter!
Podcasts are phenomenal for workouts on the go! I absolutely love them! Pilates is yet another choice for video podcasts you can bring along in your pocket when on break at work or traveling. There are also audio podcasts with uptempo music to get you moving at a good pace and get the heart pumping on a brisk walk.
Thanks for sharing this. I'll try some of the Yoga Today classes, since they seem to have a nice variety. I don't mind doing the same routine sometimes though, because sometimes I find myself in the mood for a particular set of poses and sometimes I like to know what I'm getting! But this is a neat way to get some new yoga going. Next step - virtual teachers who come into your home via hologram!
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