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For the Love of Guitars

Posted Apr 02 2013 3:16am
A guitar is a musical instrument that usually has six to twelve strings and produces sound when its strings are strum. Many musicians use the guitar when they produce their music. Guitars produce sweet music when strum rhythmically by someone who has taken a few guitar lessons. That is why most people practically fall in love with guitars.
Guitars have so many different body shapes mainly depending on the number of strings it has and its purpose. You have probably seen some funny guitar bodies and wondered why they are shaped like that. The shape also differs depending on whether the guitar is acoustic or electric. The classic guitar body is the one that everyone is used to seeing; it is the most common guitar body. Most guitar bodies are made of wood and some have a plastic guard. The guitar body doesn't normally affect the sound produced when the guitar is played.
Black SG Electric Guitar
Electric guitars are those that use electricity to enable them produce sound. They cannot be operated without having been plugged in. They came about after the classic acoustic guitars were invented and are preferred when there are large crowds are involved because you can control the volume of the guitar. There are some cheap versions of this guitar that have come up and are not usually of the best quality. They are produced to cater for the population that can't afford the more expensive ones. However, you can find cheap electrica guitars that are of relatively good quality. You just have to look out for the renowned brands.
An acoustic electric guitar is basically an acoustic guitar that has microphones, pick-ups or transducers that amplify its sound. They produce the same sound that a classic acoustic guitar produces but their sound can be controlled as is the case with electrical guitars; hence the name acoustic electric guitar.
Electric guitar parts are much more than those of an acoustic guitar. The electric guitar parts are more because they are inclusive of the electric parts that enable the guitar to operate electrically. These electric guitar parts consist of the following which are extras if compared to the acoustic guitar parts: pick-ups, pick-up selector switch, volume and tone control, frets and the strap pin.
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