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First off, today I was wandering...

Posted Aug 24 2008 6:36pm

First off, today I was wandering around the city, and all of a sudden, I stopped in my tracks. I looked around and I got goosebumps… I live in Rome ! The eternal city. The cradle of Western Civilization. Pinch me! Am I dreaming?? I am so blessed.

So that’s sort of a change from a few months ago, right? But that isn’t really what I had in mind for my post today…

I have been hired to work at the embassy! YAY!! I am going to be sharing a job, so it’s only 20 hours a week- perfect with Clara’s schedule, right? I am looking forward to using all my big, smart atrophied brain cells again and also to see if the experience of work will be different now that I have a child.

Also, tomorrow is my inaugural group Yoga class here in Rome. I am teaching a series of beginner and intermediate classes over the next four weeks and hope to continue the classes after this initial trial run. The theme of this month’s classes, both beginner and intermediate, is gratitude. (If you read regularly, you might have guessed that, eh?) Often when we undertake physical pursuits we are so hard on ourselves and so aware of where we lack. Bringing gratitude to bear on a physical practice brings awareness of the things that are right with our bodies, our attitudes, and our lives in general.

In keeping with this theme, I will be keeping a gratitude log here for the whole month. All the cool kids are doing it, like her , oh, and she is , too. I always encourage students of Yoga to keep a small notebook and log their home practice and notes on that practice (I give h OM work). This month, I will also invite them to keep a gratitude journal and watch their minds change… Please, feel free to join in either on your own blog, in a notebook, or here, in the comments.

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