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Finding a yoga community?

Posted by AspiringYogini

Was wondering what a good way to find a yoga community in my area? I live just outside Washington DC and I want to connect with fellow yogi's in my area so that I can find some support in keeping up my practice and lifestyle. Is the best way to just go to different yoga studios and mingle? I get a little nervous and sometimes it seems so rushed between classes so I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions, thanks!
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Becoming a regular at a studio or two is a great way to connect into the community.  It can take a while, because, as you say, the class change time can be hectic.  Talk to the teacher each time you come in, at least to say hi and introduce yourself.  Then get comfy and relax, look around, make eye contact... bring a friend to the studio to try things out!
Thanks I appreciate the answer, good advice, I just need to be more social and put myself out there.  I guess when it gets hectic and classes change I normally just run to roll out my mat.  I need to take my time.

Generally speaking, there are two components in response to your question.

The first is the nature of the studio, the energy or light it holds and therefore what it attracts. In this way one surrounds themselves with like-minded, growing, evolving beings who are both being taught AND practicing yogic living.

The second element in relationship is that we get out what we put in. The level of relating you bring is directly proportional to the level you will receive. Being polite is lovely and perhaps even necessary. However being polite out of training rather than intention lacks integrity and leads to superficial/hollow results, at best. When you are committed to the study, when you are available, when you and plugged in and doing the work, then you will receive a very deep relationship from both the director, faculty and students (presuming you've found the appropriate place outlined in point number 1).

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