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Fifth Class Tales: End of Term 1.

Posted Oct 13 2010 1:49pm

Apart from my Dear SENO post  I have not written one word about Wiiboy's progress through fifth class. The first term of this very important year  is now over and I have not shared any of the trials and tribulations that we usually encounter on our struggle through the school year.

You see, it's only now that the school term has just ended that I feel safe enough to share our Fifth Class Tales with you. I mean, it's not like there can be any repercussions, right? Like, nothing bad can happen now, can it? I won't be tempting fate will I..... when I reveal that ...... well..... that I've nothing really to reveal.

Well, nothing but good news that is!

Yes, we've had a wonderful start to the school year. The best ever in fact!

The year did get off to a rocky start alright with two pieces of news that shook our world a wee bit.

The first piece of news was on day two when I heard that the SENO was coming. But you now know all about that visit! It really upset things though and poor WiiBoy was quite out of sorts for the two weeks prior to the visit, culminating in a twenty minute meltdown the first day of a History test.

However, he coped with it all. Retaining his SNA Angel has definitely helped.

He's adapted exceptionally well to the transition into fifth class and to his new teacher. That's always the worry isn't it, what will the new teacher be like? Once again, I have to say we seem to have been blessed with a supportive, approachable and pro-active teacher (our school ROCKS!)

This teacher is computer savvy and doesn't teach maths in the conventional way. The class has an interactive white board which they are all truly enamored by. They even got to see one of the Chilean miners being rescued live, courtesy of this technology. And cool spy codes have replaced boring maths rules/formulas. This is definitely the way to the extremely cool WiiBoy's heart!

Even the Homework Cloud is hovering far, far away from us. Hard to believe I know but homework is actually going quite well, even though there's more of it. You see, teacher is working on their independence in order to prepare them for secondary school. As a result they get to do some of their homework in class time if they have completed their set assignments. Hows that for a lesson in time management skills!! You know, I never could understand why this was not allowed in previous years?

They also recently got to put together some flat-pack shelving units! A forerunner to woodwork perhaps? Definitely some OT work and also utilises his planning and organisational skills! WiiBoy was first up to help put together a unit, but only after he'd completed his work. You see this teacher doesn't take any nonsense from him. She really challenges him but is always conscious of his underlying diagnosis. Seems to be working out fine. And he did a fine job of these bookshelves.....

He was very happy with this outcome, but was even happier when he insisted on bringing home the cardboard box in which it was purchased! He made a cardboard airplane out of it!!

                                            It flew too.... believe it or not!!

The second piece of bad news I've referred to was delivered a couple of days into the new school year when we heard that my rock, my totally supportive Principal, whose door is always open to me, is retiring at Christmas. Now that news truly rocked my world. However, the name of the new Principal has just been announced and let's just say that I'm very happy :-) It won't be the same but it's good news nonetheless.

So onwards we go through Fifth class. We've gotten off to a great start but we mustn't get complacent. As I always say: Autism is like the IRA..... it hasn't gone away you know! It can come back to bite you on the ass, at any time as I previously wrote about here . Usually when least expected.

I've told Wiiboy how proud of him we are, reminding him how hard things were for him, even last year. His response?

It's still hard for mum, really hard.

And when I thought to myself how well he's coping with wearing his proper school uniform on a Friday (he's always worn his track suit on Fridays) he said to me just last Friday
Mum... where's my horrible scratchy jumper that makes me so itchy?

So, no it definitely doesn't do to get complacent!

We will march forward with confidence when we begin the second school term and continue our journey. We will also continue our search for the most suitable secondary  school for our WiiBoy.

Watch out for a series of blog posts on this next important stage of our journey.

Coming to a blog spot near you.... real soon!

xx Jazzy
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