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february intentions + january in review

Posted Jan 31 2011 12:00am

In some ways January has flown by, disappeared in the blink of an eye and a waterfall of massage oil.  In another way the long bleak grey days seem to have lasted forever.  But my tax return is in and paid, I’m slowly building up a client base for my massage + yoga therapy clinic (for “clinic” read “rented room” at this awesome studio but small acorns and all that) and when you read this I will be about to embark on my busiest week yet!  My back is killing me of course + I’m more tired than I ever thought possible but it’s all good and I have a massage all for me booked for Tuesday morning.

I’m just working on discovering a balance between working hard and finding the time to look after myself (lying awake all night with lower back pain reminds you about that one pretty harshly!).

On a more general level my health seems to be getting a lot better after seeing a nutritionist early in the month.  I’m experimenting with a few things food wise at the moment.  Hope to share some of it with you over the coming months.

So for February I want beautiful things.  I want to keep the clinic busy, I want to keep finding time to write a little bit everyday and I want the grey January days to turn into early spring.

February Intentions

* Clear out my desk + bedside cabinet of junk + detritus in my new spacemaking endeavours.

* Make a decision about which days I’m going to be working in the clinic (I’m a bit all over the place with it at the moment).

* Pass my final anatomy exam (yes still not taken due to general administration inability…. now due next Saturday! Yikes!)

* Find a nice cattery for the kittehs for when we go to Australia (shhhh don’t tell them yet).  Cambridge readers – any ideas on this one?

* At least two full body massages.

*  Yoga/Pilates/Movement practice daily to keep back pain in check and joy flowing through my veins.

*  Keep trying to write something every day (even if it’s just a ).

January in Review

* take part in .  This is ’s new project, to write a every day.  A small stone is a short, published meditation on something that you notice each day.  It makes us sit up and pay attention, breaks us from our every day routine and, in my case at least, kickstarts our writing for the year.  You can read more and sign up . DONE.  Last stone due later today. I’m hoping to write more about this experience in the next day or so but making myself notice the world around me has opened up all kinds of things, in my writing, my yoga practice, my acknowledgement of the world around me.  I cannot recommend this exercise enough.

* take two mock anatomy exams + pass (and the real thing of course)… DONE but still awaiting final exam.

* keep Fridays as my day off + don’t be tempted to book clients in.  DONE although this Friday I have clients – but it’s February now so it doesn’t count! ;)

* practice yoga either on or off the mat every day. DONE

* eyebrow wax, facial, pedicure.  DONE, DONE, DONE

* start to make space every day away from the internet and work. Work in Progress.  I’m trying to work towards an internet free day every week.  Unfortunately things keep cropping up.  Maybe next week.

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