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Favorite New Thing: Yoga Podcasts

Posted Mar 15 2009 7:11am

You'd think that a podcast for yoga would be one of the worst things ever- there's no "real" experience of being in the room with other people doing the same thing, and most of the time there are no visual guides to help you out when you get stuck. On a whim, I decided to try out a few different podcasts, and now I'm hooked!


Podcasts from iTunes are either audio or video-oriented. I've used both, and found a favorite of each type. In audio, my go-to podcast is Elsie's Yoga Class. Elsie is a charismatic young woman who just gave birth to a lovely little girl. Her classes move along well, and she is very easy to follow. If I wanted to see a visual example of a pose, she has them posted on her website (which is found on her podcast homepage on iTunes). Elsie has a lot of classes geared towards beginners and intermediate-level students, so if you find yourself among that number she is a great bet.

In video podcasts, I've also found a reliable workout from Chaz and his YogAmazing series. First of all, the studio he works in is beautiful! I'm pretty sure it's his home studio, but it's a very serene place to practice yoga. His workouts are great for all levels of yogis, explaining concepts clearly enough for a beginner but challenging the advanced student to think beyond what they know. Chaz also connects well to the camera, making the viewer feel personally connected to the workout (a definite plus for a people person like me!)


Elsie's Yoga Class and YogAmazing podcasts can be found on iTunes (type the title into the search bar). They are both free through the iTunes Store. To download iTunes to your computer, go to  

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