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Family Time - Watching the Box

Posted Nov 06 2012 2:53am

Saturday was quite a busy day and having finally finished the many household tasks and enjoyed a walk with the Pre-Teen, I decided that some 'me-time' was definitely in order. As the timing just magically happened to coincide with Strictly Come Dancing and Xfactorfancy that - I took myself, my laptop, my phone and my crochet into the sitting room to cocoon myself in peaceful viewing - having just previously banished said Pre-Teen from said room. Bad mum.

I had a lovely multi-facetweeting-viewing-learning-to-crochet time, really I did.

But then I felt a bit guilty as Pre-Teen had finished watching nature programmes with Mr Jazzy and was on his own in the other room.

It was too late to do a conventional Family Time with a movie so I wondered what else we could do together?

Sometimes it's just nice to do what your kids do isn't it? I've done the Wii playing ordeal fun times with him over the years but I am so NOT playing Xbox with him. For heavens sakes, he's almost a full blown teenager, he doesn't need me entertaining him any more! Just spending time with him is good enough.

All that was left to do was to watch one of his rare, late night TV programmes with him. Gulp.

Let me explain. We like cartoons still, well some of them, and we've always liked The Simpsons, even though technically he was probably too young when he started watching. But you see, he's a really funny kid and The Simpson's sense of humour really appeals to him. Besides, he hasn't morphed into a Bart yet simply by watching it and I seriously doubt he'll grow up to be a Homer!

So, it's really only a natural progression for a pre-almost-full-blown-teenager to move onto watching Family Guy and South Park isn't it? Limited to 1 or 2 episodes on weekend nights only, of course ;-)

But you see, I'd never, ever watched an episode of either programme with, or without, him. Couldn't face it! Really bad mum.

So last Saturday night, much to my Pre-Teen's shock surprise and delight, I faced my fears and did it anyway - I offered to watch what he was watching!

His eyes lit up and he sought my assurances that I really wanted to do this! 'Are you sure mum, now are you really sure', says he with a mischievous grin on his face! In deference to my 'sensibilities' - yeah, right - he very kindly switched from South Park to Family Guy and we snuggled up to watch just one  episode....

I tentatively laughed at the first joke nervously awaiting a clanger, of the very rude variety. Didn't happen so I got more comfortable and we freely laughed at the other jokes. It really was quite funny and relatively clean. Kinda like The Simpsons with a more adult layer of comedy that sometimes glides over Pre-Teens heads. Sometimes.

I was really getting into it and we were having a lovely, fun time.

I was lulled into a false sense of security until almost the very end, when a small clanger descended, very quickly. Possibly even quick enough to be be missed by those who are not quite full blown teenagers. Or not...

The Wife (I'm not au fait with character names) had taken to female boxing and had knocked out a hot female  in the ring. She was just lying there, so the Lothario type Male Character dragged the voluptuously hot, bikini clad female boxer over to where they were all sitting saying: 'What can I say? I like watching her box' ! 

We found this two layered throwaway line funny, on one layer, so we laughed! But not loud enough to cover the very quickly delivered quip from Family Guy himself, the not-quite-all-there character in his dozy child-like voice : 'that can mean two things'!!

Oh God! How I tried, I really really tried not to laugh any harder, trying to avoid the awkwardness of the question that would surely follow, yet worried if it didn't!

I was somewhat successful in that I achieved the practically impossible and emitted a sort of subdued guffaw! Not an easy achievement I have to tell you.

I think I got away with it too!

Family Night, Jazzy style, went down very well and is set to become a regular event! really REALLY bad mum!

Let me just say that in order to restore some viewing equilibrium I brought him to see Madagascar 3 the following day!

From the suspect to the ridiculous, one might say.

Maybe I should get myself back to that Parenting Teens course forthwith? I'm almost certain Family Guy is not on their suggested Family Time viewing list!


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