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Facial Yoga

Posted by Stephanie B.

Sometimes I think it's easy to take any form of "relaxing" physical activity, add "yoga" to the end of it, and voila! You have a new form of yoga!

Well, whether or not it's really yoga, a yoga teacher is showing her students how to reduce or diminish wrinkles through "Facial Yoga." The techniques include blowing your cheeks up like Louis Armstrong playing the horn.

Facial Yoga sounds similar to the many acupressure and massage techniques already available for wrinkle reduction. The idea is that if you massage or exercise your face, your face will be more toned and relaxed.

I don't know if this stuff really works, but if you are interested, check out the full story:

New Yorkers try facial yoga to reduce wrinkles

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I found this topic very interesting but the link to the full story didn't work so I googled facial yoga and found this:,8599,1683386,00.html

Here are some natural face lift practices from facial yoga:

-Smiling Fish (purse your lips and smile slightly)

-the Marilyn (blow kisses while keeping your forehead smooth)

-the Satchmo (puff out your face and transfer air from cheek to cheek)

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