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Expert Q and A: Avoiding Foot Cramps in Yoga Poses

Posted Oct 09 2011 6:42pm
Expert Q and A: Avoiding Foot Cramps in Yoga Poses

Question: I'm new to yoga, have only been practicing a few weeks. I'm loving it for so many reasons.  One small problem is I've found that often when I point my toes in a pose, I get really bad cramp in the sole of my foot, and I have to flex my foot to make it go away. This can really interrupt my yoga sessions.

Does anyone have any idea how I could help this from happening so much? I'm fairly fit, I run regularly, and I've never had any problems with my feet in the past.

Answer:  This is quite common especially in poses like Child's Pose , Zen Pose and Pigeon Pose where the top of the ankle has pressure place on it.

For poses like Pigeon and low lunges (where you can easily modify), you can tuck your toes as a variation.

For poses like Child and Zen (where you technically are not supposed to tuck toes unless you are purposefully stretching the toe joints and sole of the foot in Zen pose), try rolling up a small towel and place this between your ankle and the mat so you ankle joint is less 'pointed'. For most people, this reduces the occurrence of nerve stimulation and muscle cramps in the sole of the foot.

Expert Q & A provided by My Yoga Online teacher and Co-Founder,  Kreg Weiss .

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