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Exercisers Slow It Down with Qi Gong

Posted Sep 12 2008 6:51pm

05fitn6001_2 Via the New York Times :

The yoga boom has made mind-body exercise more run of the mill. “Yoga has now become acceptable,” said Judith Hanson Lasater, a yoga teacher since 1971 who now teaches restorative yoga, a form that encourages relaxation. “Qigong is a little further away, but yoga has opened the door.”

Because some forms of yoga are downright strenuous, qigong appeals to yogis tired of the mat race. “I went to power-yoga studios and practiced in heated rooms crammed with people’s mats, shoved over each other,” said Kyle Burton, 27, from Los Angeles. “But once I was introduced to qigong and learned the difference between a muscle-based workout versus an energetic-based practice, I switched.”

Well & good, another great alternative. However, one of the primary benefits derived from sweaty vinyasa practice is the purging of ama through tapas -

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