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Emotional and Physical Wellness

Posted Nov 04 2010 2:10pm

Today my body is feeling heavy. Not sure what's going on there, so I sat in silence for a bit and listened. Despite my desire to push through and get things done, I'm choosing rest (after all, if I'm going to spend the time to listen to my body, I might as well give it what it wants, right?). Tomorrow is another day and the to dos aren't going anywhere. Now onto a few goodies before I take my rest...

Finding Freedom Through the Body

I adore yoga, yes, but often I like to move my body my own way as opposed to pre-determined asana. Lately, I've been starting my day with free-form movement. I simply put on the music that matches my mood and let my body move. Whatever I notice during this time informs my yoga practice. It's been amazing for me, and I highly recommend it. If moving to music isn't your thing, then try this...

Check out this fabulous blog post and accompanying video on finding freedom in your body . This short movement meditation will help you get more in touch with your body while leaving your judgments at the door. It's perfect pre-yoga and anytime.

This Emotional Life

This recent blog post discusses the benefits of meditation and links to a new two-year campaign to foster awareness, connections, and solutions around emotional wellness. I'm a PBS fan, so I checked it out. Click here to see for yourself and take advantage of the resources available.

A Free Preview of the Upcoming Virtual World Yoga and Meditation Conference

This is short notice, but YogaHub is hosting a free preview call tonight (Thursday) at 8:00PM EST featuring Amy Weintraub. If you're reading this after the preview is over, no worries -- you can register and get access to the recordings. Click on the image below for more information and to register:


YogaHub's Sneak Peek Preview Event



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