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Elsie's Yoga Class- Episode 64 (Novice)

Posted Mar 09 2009 1:02pm

This workout is something I did this morning that was great for a true beginner. It can also be found on Elsie's website ( 


~Seated Meditation Sequence

~Seated Side Stretch and Look Up

~Easy Seated Twist

~Wide Baddha Konasana

~Seated Forward Bend Prep Vinyasa

~Supta Tadasana with Arms Towards Each Other

~Supta Padangustasana (prep or full)

~Knees to chest

~Easy Suphine Twist

~Hands and Knees

~Cat/Cow Stretches


~Downward Dog

~Lunge Prep and Full Lunge



~Arm Salutations

~Standing Side Stretches

~Tadasana En Pointe

~3 Half Sun Salutes



~Agni Stambasana Prep

~Suphine Twist Variation


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