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Drink to your health: calmness in a teacup

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:26pm
It is a sort of night-time tradition at hometo have a cup of calming herb tea before going to bed. It works wonders for the body and really soothes the mind. One teacup full of hot water and little dry flowers swimming around infusing the water with their essence will do the trick.

What little flowers are we talking about? Chamomile is an herb popular for its healing and calming qualities. A couple of teaspoons of this tea is even said to be effective in healing cuts and wounds on the skin, if applied directly to it.

A friend once mentioned that simply staring into the light yellow brew made her feel comforted. She had the anticipation of a deep and rejuvenating sleep right after her tea. Its very nice indeed to sit with a cup of this amazing tea – I call it liquid amber. It seems to have the wisdom and soft energy of the ancient resin.

And what is more, it infuses the drinker with a calmness that seeps through and through and then holds in its flow life force that can be preserved, because it seems to say to your body, sleep tight and let sweet dreams rule the night.
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