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Do Yoga with Your Kids

Posted by Lela D.

There's no better way to fit your yoga into the day than by letting your kids join in. Be patient - kids may not catch on right away or enjoy the practice. Every little bit helps. Even if they only stick with you for five minutes, it's doing them good! Pretty soon you'll have a lovely little tree posing child on your hands. It's great for thier immune systems too - and yoga goes a long way toward counteracting the effects of this over-scheduled, fast-paced world we're all running around in. Cut and paste this link to read my article about doing yoga with kids.
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I can't wait to start doing yoga with my little guy. I found a local tots yoga class but haven't yet made it there with him. He's a bit high spirited and I'm waiting until I think he can follow instruction without getting distracted. At the moment, he is very well-behaved and listens to mommy very well but he does get distracted easily! Thanks for the tips!
I think any exercise you do with your kids is good. It sets a good example and they always remember it
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