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do we have some yoga poses for curing lower back pain

Posted by salisusman

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Hello Salisusman.

By "we" are you referring to human beings, yoga teachers/practitioners, wellsphere members or the infamous "all of the above"?

I'll give you an answer within the context of yoga for that is what I have to offer.

Yoga does not cure. Yoga does support the body's own immune system in the healing process. In the approach to this relative to low back issues, there must first be an assessment of what is going on. Some issues that manifest in the lower back are in fact issues with very tight hip flexors in the front body while others are muscles in the back body. Still others are issues with the sacrum or sacroiliac joint, and yet others can be subluxations in the spine. 

Once the issue itself is revealed, then there is a three-prong approach to using yoga for healing. That involves asana/pranayama, dealing with emotions through meditation, and proper changes in lifestyle/nutrition. So "yes" there are some postures which may help lower back issues. There are also some that will exacerbate lower back issues.

To know the difference frequently requires a well trained, therapeutically oriented yoga teacher. 

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