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Discover June’s New Kundalini Music (Part 1 of 3)

Posted Aug 07 2011 10:44pm

A review of chant music singer Snatam Kaur’s much anticipated album “Ras,” which is available for pre-release download now and full release June 28th via her record label, Spirit Voyage Records.

The Facts

Type Of Music On This Album
New age, chant music, including mantras for fearlessness, sweetness and intimacy with God, consciousness, respect for nature and the Earth, prosperity, protection and more.

Interesting Tidbits

  • “Ras” means “Sublime Essence of God’s Name.”
  • GuruGanesha Singh, the founder of Spirit Voyage Records, is Snatam’s guitar player and manager.
  • “Ras” was produced and arranged by Thomas Barquee, making this album the 10th year Snatam and Thomas have collaborated musically.
  • Over 70,000 Snatam Kaur albums are sold each year.
  • Snatam Kaur’s albums have topped New Age Retailers Top 20 lists every year since 2004.

Past Albums
All albums are on the Spirit Voyage Record Label:  Liberation’s Door, Feeling Good Today, Live In Concert, Amrit Vela, Anand, Celebrate Peace, Mother’s Blessing, Grace, Shanti, Prem, Carry Us Home, To Heaven and Beyond, Divine Birth, Experience & Project, Merge & Flow, Release & Overcome, and Connect & Heal.

Is It Better Than…

Does Snatam’s new album have anything on it as good as “Aadays Tisai Aadays” or “Ong Namo?”  Yes, but with a different twist.  Picking up the slower threads where “Liberation’s Door” left off, “Ras” has an elemental deepness to the tracks.  Snatam brings a quiet stillness to this album that isn’t found to this extent in her previous work… and you can feel her smiling with peace on every track.

Like It Or Not Track Review

How’d The Album Make Me Feel?
Know that this album is very quiet…the words serenity and devoutness come to mind.  All songs on this album fit together with each piece bringing the listener deeper and deeper into the quiet search for and love of God.  The songs have a pure essence to them.  You really can’t go deeper into mantras than you can with Snatam.

Track Summary

This song showcases Snatam’s beautiful voice, that seems to have a deeper quality to it on “Ras” than other albums.  This track has a gorgeous stream-of-consciousness to it.  The mantra is from Japji’s 5th Pauree and is about never forgetting God.

I enjoyed this track the least.  It felt draggy to me instead of deep.  Her singing felt flat for a chant about taking the ambrosial nectar of God, but that’s just me.

This song resonates devotion. The mantra weaves the elements of wind, water, and earth with the light of God.  The simple accompaniment creates feelings of elevation and respect.

I absolutely love this soothing, clear, and warm song.  It is a deeply meditative piece with a searching nature to it.  You can feel the healing nature embracing you.  The mantra lets you penetrate the unknown without fear and gives protection and mental balance.

This mantra is taken from the last four lines of Guru Gobind Singh’s Jaap Sahib.  Usually a choppy, harsher sounding mantra, Snatam brings smoothness to it.  This version is uniting, beautiful, illuminating, and empowering.

The album closes with Snatam singing a chant that translates as “Oh my Lord.” It feels mellow and gentle.  Since it repeats the chorus over and over, it was a wise decision to leave it last to have a lasting effect on the listener.

Should You Buy It?

The Verdict
I would buy this album.  It would do well for meditation, relaxation, and slow breath work.  It is an ambient album that creates a quiet, reverent mood with songs full of piety and worship.

Shar’s Sat Nam Rating

Rating:  4 out of 5
(Snatam is missing the 5th lotus in my rating because this album was slower than what normally appeals to me.  And frankly, I’m a gal who loves to have at least one faster paced tune and it is the only thing missing from this album)


Overall, the slow tracks of divinity that make up this album lead you to find deep spaces of dedication and adoration within.  For music listeners who are fans of Snatam Kaur, as well as lovers of devotional mantras, the sanctity of this album is recommended for their music collection. These are emotional and devotional songs, all performed from the heart by Snatam, one of chanting music’s finest female vocalists.

==> Purchase Snatam Kaur’s new album, “Ras,” at SpiritVoyage .

==> Watch Snatam Kaur as she chats about her new release, “Ras,” in this video clip .

==> For more information on Snatam Kaur’s music, please visit Snatam’s official website .

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