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Detox Cookbook Day 4 & 5

Posted Feb 25 2012 5:14am

Day 4 of the recipe review went well, i tried 2 great recipes from the book and really liked them both!

Again I didn’t follow the “detox” plan fully, my boyfriend surprised me with a nice bottle of red wine to celebrate my new job at the YogaKula centre in Vienna, so I had to give in and enjoy a glass. And the Italian Nero D’Avola tasted so good! A real treat!

The first recipe I tried was a quinoa bowl with marinated Oyster mushrooms, oven roasted eggplants, avocado and thyme. so delicious! I added some roasted soya beans for crunch in the end!

Veggie Quinoa Bowl

The second recipe was a piece of organic salmon on a bed of poached veggies. The author uses edamame, pears and asparagus in his recipe, but it’s not really asparagus season, and i hate the canned version so I used fresh fennel and a couple of sprouts instead. I also cooked it a bit differently. Instead of making a lavender scented salmon fillet (lavender means bathroom to me!) I marinated it in a soya, ginger and agave. And I cooked the veggies in a white wine, lemongrass broth. simple and so delicious!

salmon fillet on a bed of lemongrass poached vegetables

DAY 5 was based on budget meals. The red rice salad with mango and the frittata are very economical dishes and super tasty. The salad can be kept in the fridge for a couple of days and surely is a great lunch box idea.

Red Rice Salad with Mango

A very clean and fresh tasting salad, absolutely loved it! It was also the first time I tried red rice and I became a big fan of it. It is a bit chewy and tastes much more intense than brown rice.

Roasted Pepper Frittata

The frittata was good, although the recipe would never be enough for 4 people! It calls for 2 whole eggs plus 6 whites, which in my opinion, is just fine for 2 people. And if you have a huuuuungry boyfriend, you might have to consider to top half of it with extra cheese.

One main thing I noticed just at day 4, was that the author Dr. Christian Matthai adds some kind of fruit to all of his meals. Seabass with mango and peppers, salmon with pear and asparagus, or asian cole slaw with cranberries etc. I have to say that in some recipes, like in the Asian cole slaw I really liked the fruit, but I am not a big fan of sweet and fruit flavoured main meals. I like to eat fruit as a snack or in my smoothies but not very often in salads and especially not cooked with other veggies. I like them clean, as they grow. That reminds me, a woman i work with eats an apple a day every afternoon and peels it religiously every day. I recently asked her why she does it and she said that she was not used to eating fruit and was freaked out of the peel, so it became a habit to peel fruit and cut it in perfect slices. I personally prefer biting in a whole apple and since livnig in London, I even finish the WHOLE apple, except the stem. I know its freaky, but in London I often ate an apple in the metro/tube and there are no trash cans to throw the rubbish away so I either had to eat the whole thing or hold it up to 1 hour in my hands. I chose the easiest way and ate it all. Ever since I just eat the whole fruit.

I also decided to extend the chocolate giveaway until Sunday, so here is your chance to enter and win 2 bars of vegan chocolate from the Netherlands!

Do you like to eat fruit with/in your meals? Have you ever eaten a WHOLE apple? How and when do you prefer eating fruit?

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