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Deep Blue Yoga

Posted Sep 12 2008 3:21pm
“Tell me your profession, and I will anticipate your beliefs.”
-Bonaparte Maia
Jen Groark (photographing a manta ray in the picture above) and Margaret Eyles (shown here swimming with a manta ray) were both in my Friday morning class this past week. I took photos of them in Ustrasana and by the end of class, they were discovering their many other similarities. I won't be surprised if a photo or a video soon surfaces with these two women, underwater.

Jen and her husband Bryce own Living Ocean Productions and take inspiring underwater images "capturing and documenting marine life and its ecology, with a primary emphasis on spreading education, awareness and conservation." You may remember watching one of their videos, Hawaiian Showers, in an earlier newsletter.
(Note: the videos are beautiful but may take a few minutes to load. They're well worth the time!)

Margaret enters the deep blue sea with her husband, Carlos Eyles, author, underwater photographer and free dive instructor who believes:

"To operate effectively in the ocean on a breath-hold one must first be relaxed. To be relaxed in the body as well as the mind fosters a high level of awareness. Thus opening the diver to a more direct experience with the ocean."

Both women share a passion for yoga, and they involve themselves in class with a similar sense of respect and care for their bodies, the practice, and their fellow yogins. Their movements are fluid, their focus is inward. Graceful women, they are.

One of the major benefits of being a yoga instructor is to stand before a sea of people and watch them as they learn to dive deep, relaxed in their bodies yet highly aware of themselves and all of life that surrounds them.

Like the Deep Blue, yoga anticipates your beliefs. It will let you float on the surface and physically take you far and wide. At the same time, it welcomes you to go fathoms into another dimension, a floating existence reminiscent of your beginnings.
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