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David Moreno : Kerala, India

Posted Sep 12 2008 11:51pm

Pose_beach_web I received an email from David Moreno yesterday.

And to paraphrase the words of my teacher, Ashley Turner, am truly humbled that an esteemed yoga instructor ( features in the NY Times, SFO Chronicle, LA Yoga magazine and more ) like David has been following the blog of a student, MahaMondo :

I am in the middle of Pancha Karma in Kerala,India which is one of the reasons I have a stack of LA Yoga magazine back issues and why I’ve gone through them 3 times each! (…There’s not a lot one gets to do while under going Pancha Karma….) This and the fact that, LA Yoga magazine is one of the few yoga rags worth going through more than once… ( Even when I don’t have an article featured in it!)

So, I just re read your November article…er… square cube… on “Sanskrit” and wanted to say, “Right on!” Nothing turns me off faster than when yoga teachers, either for convenience or lack of education, make up names for poses.

An asana - for example, utkatasana which, means fierce or ferocious - has a definite “bhava” (energetic attitude or feeling”) As such, this particular posture has the qualities of a “ksatriya,” a warrior, and if traced back deeper would lead to the fierce aspects of Shiva himself in his form as Rudra. If a yogi wants to transform limiting karmic patterns, clear depression, or increase Agni in the body do you think they should be doing utkatasana or “chair pose”…?
David Moreno
( When not teaching overseas, David teaches in the Bay Area. A contributor to various yoga publications, David also leads a workshop on the very issues addressed here called, “Of Deities, Warriors & Sages.”)
Maha pranam & much gratitude David -
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