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Posted by Jenifer L.

Does anyone know of a good stretching class? I don't want to do Yoga, persay. What I'm looking for is a class like 2-3 times a week that just stretches - the kind that does not require complex positions with weird names, and will help a former ballerina get her extenstion back, and will get me limber enough to not embarrass myself in an intermediate dance class.


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I'm not sure I've come across a stretching class before, but you can search for videos on the website for helpful tips. Simply type 'stretch' in the general site search in the upper right and filter for videos. Hope this helps!
Check the gyms in your area. My gym has some stretching classes that are not yoga. You'll obviously need a gym membership, but mine works out to about $36/month and I opted for the full "I can go to any Bally's anywhere in the world and any day of the week" membership. It will certainly be cheaper than going to yoga classes regularly.
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