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Chris Evans : Talks Yoga on

Posted Dec 29 2011 12:00am

Cr_mega_109_achris Thank you & Happy New Year to Jaime Marsanico from Details magazine / Conde' Nast for the email this morning regarding Chris Evans interview in the upcoming issue.

Being from Los Angeles , I don't really subscribe or aspire to the  karmi allure of "The Biz " . ( Full disclosure, I do deal with several top echelon names in entertainment as clients for work ).

I don't even own a TV or watch movies. However , the recent uptick of A List male celebs (of the non-d***bag variety) starting to practice  are worth mentioning.

Here are some excerpts :

 DETAILS: Do you have any new year's resolutions?
Chris Evans: It's been, like, the same new year's resolution for, like, a decade, but I really think I'm going to do it this year. I always say I should do more yoga. Or do yoga—more would mean I do some. I've done none. But I always want to do yoga because I'm getting old. Nerves are getting pinched every other day, and I really just gotta get more limber.

DETAILS: Do you have a special kind you want to get into?
Chris Evans: I actually did Bikram—

DETAILS: We did a story on Bikram Choudhury ! All about the cult surrounding him and such.
Chris Evans: I have some friends in L.A. who trained with him, and I've heard . . . not the best things! But I've done his yoga, and I almost passed out. I don't think that's the one for me. I'll just do the standard yoga. Just watch, though, we'll do this interview again next year, and I'll be like, "I really want to get into yoga! Didn't happen in 2012, but 2013 is the year."

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That's a New Year's resolution. Chris .The physical practice of yoga always starts with the body , but once you go deeper, it envelopes the mind & spirit. For some of us at least , hehe.
Here's to a great 2012 ahead !
* Image via Reuters.


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