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Choosing paths - choosing energy

Posted Nov 05 2009 10:02pm
It is like two windows has opened, or rather one new has opened for me to choose if I want to have the same kind of energy in my life as I have had for a decade now, or if I want to walk another path.

On the old road the same kind of characters, with similar energy, in this case the dramatic, intellectual, creative type who feeds energy from disasters and confusion play the role.

On the other path there are joyful, easy going, sunny-minded characters that keep their energy bye not getting stuck in the past or present upsets, they can meet them with ease and acceptance and let go.

I have the opportunity to now be clear with what I want, to view the quality of my thoughts. Where my thoughts are my body must follow, my thoughts produce an energy that I carry in my body(Deepak Chopra.) Of this I will be mindful.

When I look at this sunny and joyful path, it is as if I wonder if this really is for me. I have gotten so used to having this chaotic energy in my life for so long, it has become natural.
(pics from, sorry I could not find the name of this wonderful yogini, if anyone knows pls tell me)

I am now saying yes to joy!!!

I have had some intense work on my body and energy system lately. The past few days my body has been very tired, it needs rest. I will go to sleep early this evening to. Tomorrow is Friday and we will have a wonderful breakfast at work between 8-9.30. I saw all the healthy goodies being stowed in the fridge at work this afternoon.
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